“Our goal is to reduce the number of third-party damages each year to your Outside (OSP) Plant”.

Reaching Your Goal

“OSP Prevention Group, Inc. will develop a customized solution to enhance your customer’s experience”.


“We will collaborate with your field personnel to ensure customer satisfaction at every level”.


“100% up time to your customer is our Goal”!

We help you enhance your customers experience.

Have your underground facilities been damaged? Let us help you recover the cost of repairs. Our professional staff has over 10 years of experience working with federal, state, local municipality and construction companies to reimburse you for operational expenses.

Our Value:

  • Innovation-our proprietary tool has increased 3rd party subrogation payment to our client by 44%
  • Results-we consistently recover 70% – 85% of our clients’ operational costs
  • Knowledgeable-our Dig Prevention Solutions have decreased repeat damages by 15%